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Faculty Mentor Program

This program is completely voluntary, and is available to all 2nd, 3rd and 4th year degree seeking UVa IRC students.  Students can sign up with a Faculty Fellow (which will mentor up to 10 students each), the Principal, and the Director of Studies based on common academic interests between the faculty mentor and student.  The students would meet roughly once each semester (e.g. one-to-one or group meetings) with their faculty fellow, but more often if initiated by the student.

Faculty Fellow Role

The IRC Faculty Fellow role would be to mentor a student on the "big picture" of their individual academic career by:
    1.    relating their own career paths and those of their colleagues to the student
    2.    discussing work-life balance strategies for a successful university experience
    3.    identifying possible UVA faculty to serve as a student's research advisor
    4.    suggesting internships, job options and graduate school opportunities

Differentiation from Academic Advisor Role

An IRC Faculty Fellow will not replace a student's Academic Advisor (from the student's department or school) who provides specific coursework requirements and options for their particular major or minor, and who is specifically responsible for monitoring and supporting a student's detailed curriculum progress.  Thus, an IRC Faculty Fellow would not advise students on specific course requirements and recommendations for graduation in their particular major or minor.  All curricula advising would instead be the direct responsibility of a student's academic advisor department of their major.