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IRC Committees

Student self-governance at its best! You can join a Committee to get involved in the IRC, meet new people, and have fun! IRC Committee members are a committed core group of creative, hardworking, independent, and passionate residents who want to invest in the IRC and UVA community. Info sessions are held early each fall semester, and are a chance to learn more about what each committee does. Become an active participant, apply for a committee chair position, and sign up to make a difference.

Academic Excellence

We work with Dean Seidel, Professor Loth, and the Minister of Community Operations to facilitate study groups for each semester. With Dean Seidel's advice, we organize the Professorial Talks in the Klazzroom and Food for Thought with Fellows (10-12 students per dinner).

Guided by the Minister of Community Operations | Chaired by Yushan Li


The people who live in the IRC are what makes this community so special.  We want to create the most welcoming environment as possible, so we keep this in mind when reviewing prospective resident applications.  We also work with the Admissions Office to make the IRC known to incoming students.  When we aren't looking over applications, we are there to support the Public Relaitons Committee in broadening the IRC's outreach.

Run by Kalea Obermeyer

Art and Interior Design

This committee is dedicated to the arts within the IRC.  We host events, such as pumpkin carving and wreath-making, to promote creativity among residents. Additionally, we work with IRC staff and Housing for approval of designs for the IRC in order to best utilize communal spaces.  Ideas are Welcome!
Guided by the Minister of Community Operations | Chaired by 

Cooking Coalition

We Cook.  We FEAST.

In our meal preparation workshops, we prepare culturally diverse meals and food for holiday celebrations.  We hold cooking classes and have recipe exchanges.

Guided by the Minister of the Interior

Chaired by Caroline Chong


Organizes music and other entertainment events for the IRC including open mic-nights, movies and board games.  

Minister of Recreation leads this committee.

Chaired by

General Sustainability

Working ot promote sustainability in the IRC community through education, encouragement of sustainabile living practices and coordination amongst multiple sustainabilty initiatives.

Guided by the Minister of Community Operations

Co-Chaired by Grace Medrano and Tamara Sherman

Guides Committee

We create personalized tours of the IRC for prospective students.  After initial trainng session in September, we start tours in October on Tuesdays and Fridays at 1,3 & 5 and by request.

Guided by Minister of External Relations

Chaired by Sean Howard


We reach out to other residential colleges around Grounds to set up events and build cohesion between our communities.

This committee is guided by the Minister of External Relations


Public Relations

Do you like leadership and want to be involved in the IRC?  PR is the liaison between the IRC and UVA!  We have outreach events and activities such as tabling and chalking  that happen throughout  the year.  Some events include moive nights, Days on the Lawn, and housing fairs.  This committee is a great way to gain marketing experience and make connections around Grounds.

This committee is guided by the Minister of External Relations

Chaired by Kyle Kelly

Social Media

We promote the IRC via social media by photographing and advertising major events like the Morea Cup and Falltoberfest.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat using the @ircuvs handle to stay up do date with out latest news!

Guided by the Minister of External Relations

Chaired by Caroline Bohra


We organize Intramurals, IRC Volleyball, Soccer, Field Day, and Inter-Residential College athletics.  We usually play outside (weather permitting) or inside in Memorial Gym.  Do you and your friends play a different sport?  Join us and create a team!

The Minister of Recreation leads this committee.

Chaired by Wade Hisiro


Time Capsule

This committee will focus on creation of an IRC timecapsule to be opened in 5 years.  The time capsule may contain letters to future residents, some IRC promotional materials and other items that the committee may decided upon.

The Minister of the Interior guides this committee.

This committee is guided by the Minister of the Interior


Creating opportunities for both one-time and regular volunteering in the IRC, at UVA and beyond into the Charlottesville community.  Aiming to establish a cohort of residents that get to know each other nad bond thorugh working together at volunteer. events.  One goal is to create a website that can link available residents with volunteering opportunites to make it easier for them to sign-up and keep track of different opportunities.

Guided by the Minister of Community Operations

Chaired by Alaina Robinson