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IRC Peer Mentor Program

Our Mission is to enhance academic, psychological, and social well-being at the IRC

What is the Peer Mentor Program at the IRC?

The IRC Peer Mentor Program hopes to develop the IRC resident experience holistically; cultivating an environment for first years and transfer students that promotes academic success, personal growth, as well as community involvement through mentorship. The IRC Peer Mentor Program will pair entering first year and transfer students with upperclassmen who will serve as a resource throughout their first semester. Peer Mentors and residents will meet  in groups, as well as on an individual basis throughout the semester to help ease academic and social transitions to the IRC and the University. The IRC Peer Mentor Program also uses the family model, in which the three co-chairs serve as heads of each family.  During the year, the families will meet frequently to strengthen the bonds between not only respective mentors-mentees, but also between the members of the program.
Why entering students join our program...
The mentors and mentees here have an easier time staying connected because of their close proximity. In fact,  to seek help or to hang out with your mentee/mentor, you just walk down the hall, or to the next building!  Because our program focuses on building great relationships between mentors-mentees and within the program as a whole, new IRCers gain a wider helpful network within their community.
Addtionally, the Peer Mentors in the IRC utilize resources already established in the IRC to foster a welcoming and helpful environment for entering students.  As a matter of fact, our program collaborates with the Principal of the IRC, the IRC Council, and the Resident Advisors in order to make everyone's experience in the program worthwile and valuable!
What kind of events does the program do?


-Outdoor Sports
-Intramural Sports
-Cooking Events
-Painting Beta Bridge
-Movie Nights


Meetings with many resources on grounds such as:
- Undergraduate Reserch Network
- Center for Undergraduate Excellency
- Career Services (organizing resume and cover letter workshops)