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Cherry Stewart

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Cherry Stewart

ESL Special Counselor, Charlottesville City Schools K-12 Volunteer Coordinator, Instructor, TJACE@PVCC

Cherry Stewart began her love for all things international while attending kindergarten in Stuttgart, Germany-but did not live abroad again until she was a United States Peace Corps volunteer in Jarocin, Poland, from 1996-1998, serving as a high school English teacher. She continued to live and teach abroad for a decade in Prague, Czech Republic, Royal Tunbridge Wells, England, Pohang, South Korea and Chiang Mai, Thailand; traveling all the while throughout the world.

She returned to Charlottesville late 2015 and and serves as the ESL Special Counselor for K-12 for Charlottesville City Schools, offering support for English learner families and staff and works as Volunteer Coordinator and ESL instructor for TJACE@PVCC.