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Lorena Tabrane

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Lorena Tabrane

RA Munford 3rd floor

Hi everyone! I'm a fourth year in the College of Arts and Sciences completing an Echols Interdisciplinary Major on Identity Politics and Legal Theory. I was born in Cuba but I grew up in the Canary Islands and later moved to Las Vegas when I was 12. When my door is not open, you can probably find me reading at the lawn or swimming at the AFC. When my door is open, please come in for a cafesito!!
The IRC has been my home away from home since my first year in UVA. For me, this is the one community on grounds where I feel like my culture(s) is always welcomed and included, as well as the place where I have been able to make lasting friendships with amazing people from all over the world. 
I look forward to meeting you all!!