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Sandra Seidel

Sandra Seidel

Sandra Seidel

Director of Studies

Sandy Seidel was appointed as Director of Studies in July 2014.  As Director of Studies for the International Residential College, Sandy works with the Principal, the IRC Community Fellows and the IRC Council to build a caring and mindful community.  She also provides informal and formal academic advising and mentoring to students for academic, professoinal and personal development.

Sandy has been in the Dean's Office in the College of Arts and Sciences since 2005*. She teaches a course on human biology in the Biology Department and also teaches a COLA- a College Advising Seminar for first semester first year students.  Sandy earned a B.A. in Biology from the College of William and Mary and a M.E. and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from U.Va.

Welcome from Sandra

"Hello everyone! I am grateful to serve as the Director of Studies for the International Residential College.  My efforts will be to build a caring and mindful community and create a healthy environment in which to live and learn. I enjoy practices such as yoga, meditation and loving kindness that promote a balanced and centered lifestyle.
I will work with the IRC Ministers to support their efforts in effective programming for the IRC community.  I enjoy meeting and getting to know students in my classroom, office and out of the classroom.  I am happy to share my optimism and help you to see the potential for intellectual and personal growth.
Please take the oppotunity to come see me.  I  look forward to seeing and speaking with you at various events and programs.  If you have an idea for an activity or program, I am interested!  Thank you for introducing yourself to me when we meet so I can get to know you better."