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Fellows of the IRC

The Fellows mission is to enhance and advance the academic experience and careers of the IRC students.  The Fellows are grouped in three categories: Morea, Professorial, and Community fellow.

Morea Fellows

Internationally recognized administrators and leaders who support the IRC and are willing to interact with residents.

  • Dr. Rosa Atkins, Superintendent Charlottesville City Schools
  • Rita Dove, Commonwealth Professor, Creative Writing Program
  • Stephen Mull, Vice Provost for Global Affairs
  • Larry Sabato, Director of the UVA Center of Politics
  • Ian Solomon, Dean of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
  • Teresa Sullivan, Professor of Sociology, former President of the University of Virginia
  • Brantly Womack, Professor of Politics

Professorial Fellows

Honored UVA Professors willing to mentor a small set of IRC students (2nd or 3rd years, as coordinated by the Director of Studies) with informal meetings each semester.

  • Dorothe Bach, Associate Director & Professor, General Faculty, Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Silvia Blemker, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • Brad Brown, Associate Professor of Commerce and Founding Fellow
  • Jack Chen, Associate Professor of Chinese Literature
  • Jenny Chiu, Associate Professor, Curry School of Education
  • David Edmunds, Track Director, Global Development Studies
  • Tom Horton, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
  • Manuel Lerdau, Professor of Environmental Sciences
  • Eric Loth, Rolls Royce Professor of Engineering
  • Garrick Louis, Associate Professor, Department of Systems and Information Engineering
  • Sandy Seidel,  Association Dean in the Undergraduate Advising Office in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Sheetal Sekhri, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
  • Mark Thomas, Professor of History and Economics

Community Fellows

Distinguished Leaders of the university and local area who create and design academic events for IRC students each year.

  • Michelle Ball, Assistant Director, University of Virginia Career Services
  • Christina Ball, Founder/Director Speak! Language Center
  • Marty Collin, Instructor of mandolin, banjo and guitar
  • Chris Elliot, Assistant Dean, Global Affairs; Director Center for Global Commerce
  • Melissa Goldman, Fabrication Facilities Manager, School of Architecture
  • Dreama Montrief Johnson, Associate Director, University of Virginia Career Center
  • Harriet Kuhr, Executive Director, International Rescue Committee
  • Emily Morrison, Executive Director, The Front Porch
  • Marga Odahowski, Speaker, Author, Lifestyle Strategist and former IRC Director of Studies
  • Sherry Olander, LMT, Licensed DEI Trainer & Consultant
  • Maureen Oswald - Volunteer Coordinator - UVa Hospital
  • Karen Painter, CAPS Care Manager
  • Jannatul Pramanik, MPH, Program Coordinator, Multicultural Student Services
  • Margo Smith, Director & Curator of the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Museum
  • Kala Somerville, Executive Director, Computers4kids
  • Cherry Stewart- Charlottesville Schools
  • Yuri Urbanovich, Lecturer in BIS Program, School of Continuing and Professional Studies
  • Alex Winkowski, Director LGBTQ Center

Interested in Becomming a Fellow?

All of our fellows share one thing in common: they love engaging with students (frequently over  food!).  An ideal fellow enjoys forming reciprocal connections with students, where both fellows and students share their knowledge, experiences, and perspectives with each other.  Interested in becoming a fellow? Contact Jill Jones (