Contact Us

Contact Us

1-100 Mary Munford
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
Tel: (434) 924-3765
Contact: [email protected]
Prime Minister
Stepheney Odom-Thomas

[email protected]


Minister of Administration

Kellen O'Donnell

[email protected]
Minister of Community Operations

Nida Ahmed

[email protected]
Ministers of the Interior

Kiara Ruffin

[email protected]

Jade Strand

[email protected]

Ministers of External Relations

Sabrina Harjanto

[email protected]

Minister of Recreation

Owen McCoy

[email protected]

Visit Us

The IRC is ideally located near the Rotunda, Memorial Gymnasium, and the Corner. We are within walking distance of the John Paul Jones Arena and Barracks Road Shopping Center. We are located on the corner of Sprigg Lane and Emmet Street, across from the Snyder Tennis Courts, and adjacent to Alumni Hall.

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