Propose an Event

Propose an Event

Did you know...

The student budget is over $25,000!

That's money to spend on what YOU want.

If you have an interest or passion that you want funding for, it's likely that the IRC can pay for it! The IRC sponsors a wide variety of creative and fun events brainstormed and created by residents.

Some past ideas, but not limited to...

  • Cooking dinner with friends
  • New Zealand Day (we had a BBQ, wore sandals in February, and had a rugby game)
  • Sushi-making
  • Lazer Tag

And much more!

How to Propose an Event

An event must fall under the criteria of "community building," yet this has engendered many creative ideas and has never stopped IRCers from having a blast!

Ready? Set? Go!

  • Figure what you want to do with other residents
    • What are your needs and interests?
    • See a solution to a challenge at the IRC?

  • Estimate the cost and write up a proposal
    • Contact the IRC Council below, who along with Jill will help you organize the event and be reimbursed for the cost

  • Publicize. Publicize. Publicize.
    • Talk it up - word of mouth is very powerful!  Invite your friends, put up flyers, send invites through the IRC facebook group, and send an email to the IRC listserv

Email Jill at [email protected]