Programs and Classes

Programs and Classes

The International Residential College (IRC) celebrates cultural diversity in all of its forms.  We aim for students living in the IRC to increase their awareness and appreciation of cultures both close to home in our Charlottesville community and from around the world. The IRC provides opportunities for residents to grow as leaders through embracing principles of student self- governance, as scholars through intellectual discourse with faculty and between students, and as engaged members of the IRC community, the Charlottesville community, and the world through outreach, programming and study abroad experiences.

From this Mission, we aim to create programming to support the development of a community that 

  1. Explores other cultures

  2. Encourages intellectual discourse as bridge between coursework and the rest of our residents’ lives

  3. Engages with the local community

  4. Collaborates with other residential communities at UVA

  5. Embraces principles of student self governance

Programming offered by the Principal and Director of Studies includes but is not limited to:

Garden Room Lunches - lunch with Director of Studies or Principal and includes a faculty guest

Supper Club - dinner with faculty guest and students at the Principals home

Out and About - local field trips to the movies, to plays, to local Charlottesville events with either the Principal and his family or The Director of Studies

Laissez Lire - book club event hosted by the Director of Studies and includes a review of the book with dinner at the Director of Studies home

Conversazione Grande Dinners - large dinners in Alumni Hall that include students, faculty, staff and may offer some performance by a local group

Morea Evenings - the Principal hosts events at his home 

Morea Cup - yearly Inter-Residential College and Living/Learning Community sports event

Global Engagement

Spring, 2022 

INST 2500:  New York - Paradigm of a Global City        

Overview: This interdisciplinary seminar is open only to International Residential College students. In the first six weeks of the semester, we will prepare for an experiential exploration of New York City during spring break. We will study urban global culture through visits to museums, cultural sites, and everyday places while navigating this large global city.


INST 2500:  IRC in London and Oxford:  Residential Colleges  INST 2500: IRC Interdisciplinary Seminar >>

UVA in England: International Residential Colleges was created in the Fall of 2016.  This is a unique education abroad experience offered to residents of the International Residential College.  Through visits to a few of Oxford’s residential colleges, students have the opportunity to consider what structures and programs they may wish to integrate into the offerings at UVA’s residential colleges.  The visit to London allows students to learn how to navigate in a global metropolitan city and take advantage to the museums, monuments, theater and cultural sites.

Student Council Programming includes but is not limited to:

Petite Dejeuner - weekly continental breakfast

Thursday Treats - every Thursday 4:00pm-5:00pm

Welcome dinners - Welcome Back in the fall, Welcome Back after Spring Break

Culture Week

FalltoberFest - annual event in the fall that includes pumpking carving, balloon creations and Carpe Donuts

Thanksgiving Meal - it's a big deal

Pop Up Cafe - surpise events that  include bubble tea, s'mores, cookies or something else

Field Trips - to go apple picking or to Monticello or Washington, D.C

The Week That Was - weekly current events review sesson - snacks provided!

Relaxation events during exams

IRC Committees - Student self-governance at its best! You can join a Committee to get involved in the IRC, meet new people, and have fun!  Committees include but are not limited to Academic Excellence,Sustainability, Cooking Coalition, Entertainment and Inter-Residential

Peer Mentor Program - pairs entering first year and transfer students with upperclassmen who will serve as a resource throughout their first semester.