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All the residents of this HALL-STYLE dormitory are women, including a majority of the first-year women. Approximately 100 students live in Munford.  Each floor is equipped with air-conditioned study rooms, a large kitchen (with an oven, microwave, refrigerator and sink), two storage closets, and two bathrooms (one for each half of the hall). There are three floors and no elevators.
The first floor is a communal space for all students of the IRC, the location of many events, and is in general a social environment that fosters both social and academic bonding. The MGP, aka Munford Gathering Place, is home to the famous Potlatch, a table where any food left on it is up for grabs. It's common to recieve a late night e-mail notifying the whole IRC that there is extra pizza, and that you should grab a few pieces. By the way, there're only two boxes left, you should hurry!
Take a moment to explore everything on the first floor, including Diagram Alley, the Fishbowl, Computer Room, Brown Board Room, and Klazzroom.