Coco Zhang

Coco Zhang.jpg
RA Munford 2nd floor

Hey hey! My name is Coco Zhang, and I am a rising third-year studying biomedical engineering from Shanghai, China. I am one of the RAs living on the 2nd floor in Mary Munford! During my first conversations with others, you will probably get a quick grasp of my passion about nature, golden retrievers and coffee. Outside of  classes, I also work in a biomaterials lab and I am a member of SWE, Society for Women Engineers, and I am currently looking for volunteering opportunities for the weekends. In my free time, I enjoy going on outdoor adventures with friends, reading, cooking, rock climbing, singing, crocheting, and hanging out with friends! I cannot wait to catch up with and meet you guys so soon, and I look forward to hosting and participating in both hall and IRC-wise events in this coming school year - it is going to be lit! :)