Mark Thomas

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Professor, Department of History and Economics

Mark Thomas Professor, Department of History and Economics   Prof. Thomas specializes in a celebrated teacher and researchers in International Economics, especially with respect to Britain and Australia.  he has written several books and book chapters, and has been published in a wide variety of journals, including the journal of Economic History where he was awarded the Arthu H. Cole Prize for best article of the year.  Prof. Thomas has received a number of other acclaims including the John M. Olin Faculty Fellowship in History, the T.S. Ashton Prize for best article by a young scholar in Economic History, the Alexander Gerschenkron Prize.  He has also received a Summer Research Fellowship at Stanford, a Heyworth Memorial Fellowship at Oxford, an American Political Economy Fellowship at Cornell University, a Leverhulme visiting Professor at Warwick, a Visiting Research Fellow at the Australian National University, and a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge.